Welcome to BRL Marketing & Sales Corp

We are a manufacturer representative firm providing sales and service to the electronics marketplace.

We provide products from the leaders in the areas of SMT assembly, selective coating, dispensing solutions and automation products, solder and chemicals. We also offer a complete line of High quality ESD safe packaging solutions, ESD table/floor mats and test equipment.

Capital Equipment

Manufacturer of the Trident series of defluxing equipment, zero ion cleanliness testing systems and stencil cleaners. http://www.aqueoustech.com/
Industry leading conveyors for all your automation needs. Industry leading laser marker systems. http://www.flexlink.com/
Manufacturer of high speed and high mix pick and place equipment. Featuring the NXT III and AIMEX III platform. Complete line of component storage towers and
screen printers. http://www.fujiamerica.com/
Manufacturer of horizontal, vertical and vaccum type reflow and curing ovens. http://www.hellerindustries.com/
Manufacturer of a complete line of magazines for PCB handling along with magazine washers, automatic width adjustment machnines in line board cleaning modules. http://www.nixofamerica.com/
Industry Leading 3D AOI, SPI and AXI equipment. http://www.inspection.omron.us/
Automated and manual adhesive dispensing and selective spray coating equipment, precision dispensing equipment, touch screen laminating systems and
a complete line of benchtop dispensing systems, including needles and syringes. http://www.pva.net/
RobotasProduction systems to help solve assembly issues. Smart storage systems Cut and clinch thru hole guided workstations. https://www.robotas.com/
VisiConsultManufacturer of the XRH count contactless component X Ray counting system and a complete line of X Ray equipment. https://count.visiconsult.de/
RobotasSMARTKLAUS is a camera based digital assistance system designed to deliver smart production technology by supporting operators with manual assembly processes in your factory. www.eapltd.smartklaus.com

Distribution Products

ACL StaticidePCB rework and repair chemicals, ESD workbench products including ESD mat materials for all applications including clean room, static detection meters, dissipative floor coatings and paints, and Staticide anti-static topicals, wrist straps, heel grounds and a variety of ESD shieilding bags and process trays. http://www.aclstaticide.com/
Leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, including reclamation services. Ask about our new REL alloys. http://www.aimsolder.com/
High quality seating for all environments including ESD and cleanrooms. Manufactured in Germany with the highest quality standards we offer seating for all
your needs. https://www.bimos.com/B/uk-en/
ESD and custom packaging for your products, Corstat corrugated and fluted plastic materials. In plant handlers, kitting trays, clamshell designs, ESD safe foams, complete line of thermoformed trays in either ESD safe or non ESD materials. http://www.corstat.com/
Complete line of electric screwdrivers, torque testers and accessories. http://www.nittokohki.com/delvo/
Manufacturer of Weller soldering-desoldering and rework systems, Erem precision tools, Xcelite precision tools and Weller filtration products.
The Vision-Luxo range of illuminated industrial bench magnifiers, offer outstanding performance for a range of manufacturing, assembly and inspection tasks. Superb optical quality, available in up to 5 diopter. http://www.visioneng.us/products/bench-magnifiers
Manufacturer of ergonomic microscopes, optical inspection and non-contact measurement systems using patented expanded pupil technology. http://www.visioneng.us/